LeAnn D. Jenkins

let the spirit guide us to freedom.

I am committed to amplifying the work that communities and individuals are doing to liberate themselves from oppressive forces and oppressive ways of being.To do this, I create spaces of exploration, healing, and collaboration.

Spiritual DirectionSpiritual direction is a unique and set-apart partnership in which a person serves as an intentional witness to the spiritual life of another person or group of people in an open and non-judgemental space.*I offer one-on-one and group spiritual direction. Learn more below.

Partnerships & Affiliations

Liberative & Exploratory ProjectsI'm currently returning to the South and to the land. Check out Dream Build Share, a CSA I am a part of outside of Atlanta, GA that exists to fund a future farm coop and retreat space for and by women and femmes of color. I love to dream and partner with others. So I hope to be adding to this list soon!

*Adapted from Anne W. Silver in Trustworthy Connections: Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Direction, Cambridge, MA: Cowley, 2003.Profile picture by Miki Grace.